Meet the Team

Bren is the site owner of Fingal Airsoft and works hard to make sure everybody coming to the site has a fun day out and follows the safety guidelines and rules that are in place to ensure the quality of gaming and safety on site. We ask that everyone follows these at all times! We also have loads of experienced marshals on site to help everything run smoothly.

Download Waiver

Here is some rules  that you need to pay attention to: READ IT…. AND READ IT TWICE SO IT SINKS IN!

Under no circumstance will anyone be allowed entry to our site if you have tried to enter with an exposed AEG any tac gear like a tac vest on, side holster…. if you are walking to the site make sure your AEG is in a gun bag or hard case…. no plastic bags or badly covered AEGS! Their will be no exception to this rule…. you would not walk down O’Connell street with an AEG showing…. the same applies here!

Times: Gates will open at 9:30am  

We hope to have the games running by 10:10am, we break for Lunch at 1:30pm and start back at 2pm, we will finish the last game at 5:30pm.

Waivers: You must download, print and also get signed by your parent our wavier from this website  (it’s on the main page) No waiver No Play!

Gear: You cannot wear your tac gear outside our site (Tac vest, Holster) or have any R.I.F.s showing to the general public (It’s the Law). When leaving our site your R.I.F.s must be covered up or your parent or who ever is driving must come into our car park and all R.I.F.s must be put in the boot for transport.

Rentals: All our rentals are M4 class R.I.F.s with the exception of a few G36’s.

Face protection: Anyone under the age of 18 must wear a full face mask, anyone over the age 18 the wear of full face protection is advised but at your own discretion.

The Fingal Airsoft Staff