Looking for an school event that they will remember?

Minimum group size 20 players midweek, smaller groups we can accommodate on weekends at weekend rates.
We have a special school tour price that’s all inclusive (no hidden fees) with unlimited ammo, that includes a BBQ’d hot dog lunch (they can also bring a packed lunch with them) for €35.00 per player. Your class will be trading stories of epic hero moments for the school year and beyond!

Who can play?

Airsoft skirmishing is great fun! No matter what age (10 and over), gender or level of physical fitness you have, everyone can enjoy it. Like Paintball, Airsoft is primarily a team sport and players quickly learn that in order to win the game they must work together or have an Hero moment and win it for their team as a lone wolf!

How long will it last:

The activity will last for approximately 4 hours and 15 mins of gaming time with a lunch break in between and team and group photos at the end by our on site professional photographer.

How do you know when you are ‘HIT’?

Unlike Paintball where players are marked when hit, Airsoft uses an honour system whereby you call yourself out when hit. Hit players indicate they have been hit by shouting “Hit” and raising an arm or hand. We have re-gen rules which means you are never out of the game for more than a few minutes right up until the game ends, so no one sits out for the rest of the game when hit. We have marshals that monitor the games and will promptly address any concerns players may have. Sportsmanship is the key!

The Gaming Area:

Fingal Airsoft is a woodland environment with towers, bunkers, bridges, and open areas. We advise that players wear no bright colours that would make them a target, Dark colours like black, brown or green clothes and good supportive footwear is a must, dress in layers and prepare for weather like showers, cold or hot days and hydration is key so bring water to drink.

Is it safe for me and my child?

Your health & safety are EXTREMELY important to us. Our fully trained and professional staff provide a full safety brief at the start of the day and in-game Marshals ensure safe operation throughout your day. Airsoft equipment like most things in life is perfectly safe provided you adhere to the rules and respect it and other players. All players are fully insured and are required to READ and SIGN an insurance waiver.