What games do we play?

We play a wide range of games in Fingal Airsoft, details of which are below. As well we have special events every now and then which are truly awesome – keep an eye on our news and events page for those. However, we do have some simple rules as follows:

Code of Conduct

  1. There is no shouting ( take your f*cking hit’s )
  2. The marshal’s decision is final.
  3. Treat other players as you would wish to be treated yourself.
  4. Sportsmanship is not optional, it is mandatory and if there is any dispute call a marshal immediately for assistance and the situation will be resolved as the marshals decision is final.

Rules of Play

  1. Take your hits
  2. Marshal’s decision is final
  3. There is no physical contact (airsoft is not a contact sport so no tackling)
  4. Bang kills are not mandatory but they are a good sign of sportsmanship so they are encouraged
  5. Have as much fun as you possibly can the weekend only comes once a week 🙂

Army of Two

Teams of two must track and shoot all other teams but wait there is a catch the two players must stay within 6ft of each other


Two teams are pitted against each other and have to capture and hold a timer device, for there to be a true victory…..one team must Dominate!

Capture the Flag

There are two teams and two flags to win your team must get both flags to your base

Meat Flag

We give a marshal a gun and set him loose and all you have to do is get within 6ft and shoot him in order to capture him and bring him back to your base. how many times can your team capture him?


You must escort your V.I.P to safety while keeping up a defensive perimeter as when the V.I.P is dead you lose the game

Defuse the Bomb

Your bomb defuser and only the bomb defuser must defuse the bomb and hold it for as long as possible this is a timed game and the team that holds the bomb for the longest wins the game.

Kill House

One team holds and defends the Kill House with limited re-spawns for defenders. This goes from a long range game to very C.Q.B as the attacking team comes in a constant wave of attack.

Attack the Hill

The defending team must set up a defensive line on the hill and hold out as long as possible to the two bases

Free For All

As the name suggests every man for himself there is no buddying up you must track every other player and eliminate them to win the game


Every body starts out by themselves but the more people you shoot the bigger your team gets the aim of this game is to infect everybody and have them on your team


Medic rules apply as long as the medic is still alive. the object of this game is to kill the medic and knock out all the other team or capture the enemy flag which ever comes first

Rolling Mission

The rolling mission has the defending team holding out for as long as possible and falling back to the next objective trying to delay the attacking team. time based game shortest time wins

Search & Destroy

As the name suggests your team must hunt down the other team and eliminate them. There is limited respawn…